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Expatriation / Expatriate - Relocation
Expatriation / Expatriate - Relocation
Our mission is to provide a smooth as possible transition for the expatriate from his home country to the new one, and contribute towards the successful experience abroad for both the expatriate and his family.

The services of Adexpat include:
  • search for accommodation
  • search and assistance with the selection of schools
  • assistance in removal
  • cultural and linguistic integration

  • The key concepts of our service are:

    Methodology: Key points of the success of our mission, lies in the control of all the stages to the finest detail.

    Comfort: Bilingual (French and English) managers are fully conversant and can help bridge the language and cultural gap or newly arrived expatriates.

    Partnerships: Our logic of partnerships and extensive networks of links enables us to offer a service
    carried out by experts selected for exemplary quality in their service.

    Competitiveness: In a market that is constantly seeing efficient but expedient services, EuropExpat offers a top quality service. All of this in a market which has a decrease in financial and time resources allocated to it, it make sense to utilize EuropExpat’s services. The simplicity and accuracy of the fees are two principles that we have based our quote upon.
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