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Expatriation / Expatriate - Compensation and Benefits
Expatriation / Expatriate - Compensation and Benefits

Wages and Benefits

There are various ways to build an international compensation portfolio. When you compare the results with a payroll in the home country, the main benefits are clearly enticement, retention and cost management.

Wages are planned and calculated in compliance with state laws, to meet the requirements of the employer and employees and take into account the expatriate profile, the duration of the assignment, and the destination country.

Within the European Community, the actual trend clearly is in favour of promoting localization, and this implies a smaller expatriate package, with social benefits including only a private medical insurance and a pension scheme. However the traditional “Balance sheet” remains currently very much in use for its many advantages.

Building and managing such schemes and derivatives requires the knowledge of all the inputs of salary and benefit management. There are many different schemes, frequently unique to a company, often related to the company’s expatriation policy whenever there is one.

Called Expatriation Allowances, Cost Of Living Allowance or similar, these schemes aim to compensate the hardship of an assignment abroad, and providing the expatriate with a guaranteed purchase ability.
Our expertise is based on experience acquired while working within or with major companies that need to answer, on a daily basis to the issues of international mobility and to the fast changing expatriation world.
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