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Expatriation / Expatriate - Umbrella Company
Expatriation / Expatriate - Umbrella Company
Our umbrella company activity covers various employments profiles, and three purposes:

Develop sales in Europe. Provide skills to a partner or client in the EU.

The most common requirements are from non local companies which do not have and do not want a permanent establishment in the target country. They wish to start a sales and marketing activity through hiring a local employee with a local payroll and social charges.

However staff employed through an umbrella company can be, for example, skilled construction trades personnel, IT experts on a long term mission or any other kind of expert that the foreign provider company cannot retain on a payroll.

Optimize employment social protection of employees assigned outside the European Community.

The main benefit from Offshore Umbrella Company is the opportunity to employ experts on short or long term assignments, providing them with an optimized social protection and a tailored employment contract.

Solutions for contractors.

Providing Contractors or Free Lance with a structure enabling them to:
  • Optimize social charges and non mandatory contributions,
  • Have professional invoices raised
  • Manage services contracts

  • Contractor or freelance do not always have to be employees, they can also invoice the umbrella company. The umbrella company will then raise the invoice and recover the payment.

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