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There are many purposes to international assignments

  • Bringing skills not available to a local subsidiary
  • Developing locally the company philosophy and train local staff
  • Controlling a subsidiary
  • Training high potential managers through international experience placements
  • Motivating staff looking for an international experience
  • Internationalising the Human Resources of a company
  • Promoting the company internationally
  • Both internal and external environments create, within the company, variations relating to:

  • Number of expatriates
  • Budget dedicated to the management of international staff
  • However retaining expatriate staff perpetuates an added value highly beneficial to the company. This requires a careful management and therefore the availability of specific HR skills and resources.

    Bringing together the availability of such resources and skills and controlling the costs, whatever the development of the company or the development of the HR department, often calls for the same answer: outsourcing.

    Our services include:

  • Comp and Ben (Compensation, wages and social benefits)
  • Tax (Optimisation, Tax return)
  • Relocation (Home search, removal, intercultural)
  • Planning (Audit, Externalisation)
  • Umbrella company (Domestic and International staff)
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